Monday, October 25

Day: February 10, 2021


How to Tame and Capture a Mount

At the point when you collect 15 wood, make a wood pick, which is used to break rocks to get stones. The wood pick can be found in the identical "Weapons" fragment. Make a substitute path for a weapon or some other thing. Just tap your rucksack and a short time later tap the thing's image. Tap the "backup course of action bar" to add the thing to the other path list for straightforward access. To break rocks, go near a little or medium assessed rock and keep on tapping the sharp edge image until it breaks. Tap the hand image to get stones Since you have assembled stones and wood, it's an ideal chance to build an outdoors fire. To build one, you will require 10 wood and 10 stones. The outdoors fire is available under "Office" territory. You can get a once-over of such fragme...