Tuesday, December 7

Shouldn’t Our Rights Keep Everyone FREE?

For a state, supposedly founded at the idea of, precise Constitutional guarantees, based on sure rights and freedoms, and, liberty and justice, for all. We often witness a few Americans, who appear to feel, whilst they may be entitled to each right, others are not! Too many, appear, to be targeted, selectively, emphasizing specific rights, they choose, but, regularly, paying, a long way – less attention to others! How else are we able to understand, the logic, of those, who’re adamant about their so – called, second Amendment Rights (or, at the least, their interpretation, approximately the right – to – endure – arms, whilst minimizing, the other rights, for others, who may also disagree with their perspectives, perceptions, priorities, and so forth? Shouldn’t we, who’re residents, of the land – of – the – free, insist those rights and freedoms, hold all of us FREE, and, now not merely, a few prejudiced, selective interpretations, and many others? With, that in thoughts, this article will attempt to, in short, bear in mind, observe, assessment, and talk, using the mnemonic approach, what this indicates and represents, and why it matters. https://thelogicalworld.com/

  1. Face statistics; fairness/ honest; trustworthy; future/ fruition; freedoms; best: Instead of bias and prejudice, we must face the information, and realistically, pursue, a device, and kingdom, where all guys are created identical, with same rights, and defensive they all, instead of, most effective selective ones! Our system ought to emphasize equity, to all, in a way, which, continuously, presents a fairer, way of life! We must call for, our elected officers, faithfully, constitute all our residents, and, no longer, merely, their middle supporters, and many others! If freedoms and rights, aren’t prioritized, constantly, the destiny of America, is, at – chance, and we are able to lose our potential to sense, we live within the best, fairest, most – equal state, in the world!
  2. Realistic; rational; rationale/ reasoning; relevant; rights: Claiming this nation, is one issue, however, permitting, partisan politics, to be triumphant, and discrimination to be allowed, is, neither, sensible, nor rational! We ought to, carefully, take a look at the rationale and reasoning, in terms of rights and freedoms, as a key to a potential legit’s qualification, for – office! If, we don’t begin to accomplish that, in a applicable, and sustainable manner, america will lose its identity!
  3. Equal/ equality; excellence; endurance: If, you accept as true with, there may be, already, equality, and that, all people are dealt with, equal, in terms in their Constitutional ensures, etc, you aren’t paying sufficient interest! We can not find the money for, correct – sufficient, and/ or, the equal – antique, equal – vintage, however need to demand, a commitment to excellence, in terms of those protections! Don’t count on to opposite conditions, including, systemic racism, speedy, as it will take time, patience, and real staying power!

Four. Efforts; results; empathy; energize/ electricity: Before it is too overdue, we must locate leaders, whose power, focuses on the usage of their personal strength, to energize us, to be better, and treat every different, as we need to be dealt with! Our efforts have to create wanted, fine effects, primarily based on actual empathy!

We will in no way remain the land of the free, except/ until. We hold every body FREE! We can not find the money for, these efforts in the direction of selective enforcement of, best those rights, which gain us!

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