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How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Wedding and engagement rings come in a wide variety of designs and materials. When looking for wedding and engagement rings, many couples shop together or at least shop together, so that each is aware of the other’s preferences. When selecting rings, take into consideration your lifestyle and your budget and then decide on what’s important to you. You can do this by prioritizing the four C’s. The gemstone you pick for your engagement ring could be any stone you like including sapphire, emerald or ruby for instance. However, the most sought-after gemstone is the diamond.

Diamonds are the most transparent material known to man 100 times stronger than sapphire or ruby. The durability of diamonds, as well as its lightness, has created diamonds as a enduring symbol of love and marriage. They are rated and classified based on the four C’s: cut color, color, clarity and weight in carats 鑽石

A diamond’s cut and its proportion determine the brilliance and fire of the diamond and make the cut the most crucial element in a diamond’s attractiveness. Each facets acts as a mirror that reflects light and therefore more facets indicate more beauty. Modern, round-brilliant-cut diamond features 58 facets which makes it more stunning than other forms. A diamond’s Gemological Institute of America (GIA) classifies color beginning with letters D (colorless) up to letters Z (progressively becoming more yellow). In nature, diamonds can be found in nearly every shade and color: blue, pink yellow, green black and even red. Colored diamonds are becoming more popular for engagement rings and some uncommon shades are very expensive.

Internal imperfections, like small cracks, tiny dots of white or dark spots are known as inclusions. External flaws can be described as blemishes. In general, the less the inclusions and blemishes the more clear and stunning it is, and the more valuable it is and the more it’s worth. The GIA categorizes diamonds, as well as their flaws, into the following categories.

Selecting the best setting for diamonds is similar to choosing the ideal frame for a photograph. The most popular settings are the prong-less bezel, intricate scrolls carved with a clean look, channel, attractive cluster, flush-lying gypsy pave, sparkling prong, silver-colored cups with light reflection and a unique solitaire. They also have floating tension and the classic six-pronged.

The dimension of the diamond in terms weight, and specifically in carats. A carat contains 100 points. If a jeweler claims the stone weighs 25 points, that’s 1/4 carat. Although size is still important however, it’s useless outside that of clarity, cut and the color. A diamond that is dull, imperfect or poorly cut will cost less than a flawless diamond.

It’s about time to go shopping for rings? Congratulations! Shopping for an engagement ring, and getting ready to propose is an moment, and it’s easy to become involved in the romance however, remember: An engagement ring can be quite expensive and you’ll want to be sure to do the right thing.

If you’re looking for rings with your spouse or out on your own This comprehensive guide is crucial to finding that perfect engagement ring your beloved.

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