Monday, January 17

Recycling Tips for Smartphone and Paper

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your computers will not only help them run faster and more efficiently, it can help add years to the life of your equipment. Here are some simple tips to get you started on your technology’s road to recovery:Make sure your technology is updated! Install any recommended security updates and make sure all applications are updated on your mobile device. These auto updates are in place for a reason.

Get rid of all of your technology’s unnecessary riff raff – delete and uninstall all unused and underutilized programs, including applications from your mobile phone, expired permissions and old documents that are no longer of any value to you, as a means to clear up your hard drive and increase computer speed. CC Cleaner, a free program recommended for download by Windows and Mac users, essentially disposes of all unnecessary baggage on your computer – emptying your recycle bins, deleting old registry entries, and getting rid of browser history, temporary files, form history, and cookies from major browsers.

Consider downloading the program to help aid you in your cleaning process 手機回收價格. Take a personal inventory of which features on your computer you are regularly privy to – then make sure to search through your browser’s extensions list and remove any features that are infrequently used. For adamant Google users, direct yourself to your Google account’s Security feature, click on “Connected Applications and Sites,” and unmark any of your old devices that may be listed.

In addition to keeping security measures in check, pay attention to firewall and antivirus software recommendations. Vipre, AVG, Norton, and Kasperski are all high quality programs with comprehensive service. Run a complete, all-encompassing scan of your system, making sure to include any external hard drives as well.The Internet can throw a multitude of unsavory viruses your way, so make sure to stay wise and clean up, back up, and lock up your technology while you still have the chance.

Consider also installing a spyware removal tool, such as Spyware Blaster, to complement any of your existing anti-virus programming. As well, consider investing in a solid password management system – Agilebits’ One Password allows users to sync their passwords from all of their devices, also maintaining secure online shopping and credit card information. When coming up with passwords, cater more towards mnemonics than combinations of letters and numbers. Mobile phone users who rely on Android should consider downloading AVG or Avast for their devices, as these free services are top notch when it comes to virus protection, with an optional addition of features like Lost/Stolen Phone Locator.

Make sure everything that is remotely important to you is backed up – you never know the next time you might drop your computer or your phone could get caught in a torrential downpour. Secondary storage devices, particularly external hard drives (flash drives) or recordable media, are most recommended.

Although it is most advisable to participate in the backup at least once a week, some online services can also provide you with constant protection in case of a crisis – Carbonite and Backblaze store all of your data within the realms of the inter web while still keeping file transfers between computer and mobile devices wholly accessible. Make sure to constantly stay in tune to the security of your computer and mobile device, never allowing there to be just one location for your most treasured files. Accidents happen.

A professional home organizing service will tell you a good, thorough physical cleaning of your devices is just as important as an internal restoration! Dampen a cloth and completely wipe down your monitor/s, making sure to wash the crevices of the mouse and your desktop tower, as well as the exterior of your laptop or mobile device. Investing in a laptop cover can be an immensely beneficial investment; not only does a case protect against undue damage from dropping, but it also keeps the physical laptop looking more polished and clean.

Consider going so far as to vacuum your keyboard, taking special haste to remove any oily buildup from the keys or surface area with a mild soap or water solution. A keyboard cover can also aid in preventing a buildup of germs or bacteria. If you are using a PC, make sure to open the case of the desktop tower and blow out any dust that has accumulated.

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